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Table 1 Comparison of the most common NGS tools and Sanger sequencing

From: Some considerations on the current debate about typing resolution in solid organ transplantation

  1. The cost analysis is presented in US dollars. List pricing may vary between countries and/or sales territories
  2. N/A not applicable
  3. aCost depending on the chip used, i.e., the 314 offers the lowest price ($838) but has the most expensive run ($22.5)
  4. bThe PacBio uses a chip called SMRT or Single-Molecule Real-Time. The single-read accuracy is ~87 %, whereas the consensus accuracy has been seen at 99.999 %
  5. cThe 454 sequencing platform will not be supported after 2016. The consensus accuracy is 99.997 % estimated at 15× coverage of E. coli
  6. dSOLiD4: 99.999 % consensus accuracy at 15× coverage