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Figure 9

From: Standardization of whole blood immune phenotype monitoring for clinical trials: panels and methods from the ONE study

Figure 9

Mean CVs of cell subsets tested in intra-assay test, inter-operator-test, and inter-assay test, and also the change from baseline for the age-of-stain test 4 hours + 24 hours and the age-of-blood test 4 hours + 24 hours for all six panels. Panel ONE 01, general immune status; panel ONE 02, T cell subsets/αβ+ T cells and γδ+ T cells; panel ONE 03, T cell activation; panel ONE 04, T cell memory and regulatory T cells; panel ONE 05, B cell subsets; and panel ONE 06, dendritic cell (DC) subsets. CV, coefficient of variation; DC, dendritic cell.

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