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Table 2 Primary and secondary endpoints

From: Protocol for a prospective randomized controlled trial of recipient remote ischaemic preconditioning in orthotopic liver transplantation (RIPCOLT trial)

Primary endpoints Ability to recruit patients to the trial
Feasibility of performing RIPC in liver transplant recipients
Safety of RIPC in liver transplant recipients
Secondary endpoints AST levels on the third post-operative day [30]
Incidence of acute kidney injury and need for renal replacement therapy
Length of stay in intensive care and total hospital stay
Incidence of vascular thrombotic events
Incidence of biliary complications
Incidence of post-operative infections
Incidence of acute rejection in the first months post transplantation
Circulating cytokine levels 2 h post reperfusion of the liver graft
T cell accumulation and activation in the liver 2 h post reperfusion
Urinary and serum NGAL levels 2 h post reperfusion