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Table 1 Randomised multicentre clinical trials with skin cancer as the primary endpoint

From: Skin cancer in solid organ transplant recipients: are mTOR inhibitors a game changer?

Study Patient number Primary endpoint Primary endpoint result Comments
Australian study Control: 47 (23)a Number of new NMSC/patient/year Significant A significant decrease in SCC, but not BCC
mTORi: 39 (19)
TUMORAPA Control: 56 (12) Survival free of new SCC Significant patients with 1 prior SCC benefited significantly; those with multiple previous SCC did not significantly benefit
mTORi: 64 (22)
RESCUE Control: 81 (14) Risk of new SCC Not significant HR improved in 1-year analysis, but did not after 2-year follow-up
mTORi: 74 (39)
  1. SCC squamous cell carcinoma, BCC basal cell carcinoma, NMSC non-melanoma skin cancer, Control patients not receiving mTOR inhibitors, mTORi mTOR inhibitor group, HR hazard ratio.
  2. aNumber in parentheses represents patients dropping out of study. For the definition of a dropout and number of patients that completed the study according to the protocol, see the individual publications.