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Table 1 Profile of the patients and donors

From: Cascade plasmapheresis (CP) as a preconditioning regime in ABO-incompatible live related donor liver transplants (ABOi-LDLT)

Patient Donor Titer
Case number Age and gender Diagnosis Comorbid conditions (indication for transplant MELD score Blood group Relationship with patient Blood group Baseline titer
Case 1 33/F HCV-related chronic liver disease (CLD) Jaundice, ascites, PH 19 O positive Sibling B positive 2,048
Case 2 42/M Crypotogenic CLD Jaundice, ascites, HRS 19 O positive Wife A positive 1,024
Case 3 56/M HCV-related CLD SBP, HE, Ascites 18 B negative Daughter AB positive 64
Case 4 59/F HCV-related CLD Cholecystitis, PH , HCC 19 B positive Daughter AB positive 64
  1. PH portal hypertension, HRS hepatorenal syndrome, SBP subacute bacterial peritonitis, HE hepatic encephalopathy, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma.