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Table 3 Uncontrolled cohort studies reporting post-transplant outcomes of melanoma diagnosed prior to solid organ transplantation

From: Systematic review of melanoma incidence and prognosis in solid organ transplant recipients

First author (publication year) Population based Location Transplant data source Number of patients with pre-transplant melanoma Staging data (number of patients with data) Post-transplant outcomes (number of patients)
Chapman[30] Yes Australia, New Zealand ANZDATA 19 Not available Recurrence (2)
Brewer[20]a No United States Mayo Clinic databases, OPTN, IPITTR (1967–2007), SEER 59 Breslow depth (15) Median post-melanoma follow-up of 10.5 years:
Local recurrence (0)
Nodal metastasis (1)
       Lung metastasis (1)
Matin[26] No Europe SCOPE network (14 clinics) 9 Breslow depth (6) No deaths after median post-melanoma follow-up of 14 years
  1. aOverlap with two prior studies[25, 28].
  2. ANZDATA, Australian and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry; IPITTR, Israel Penn International Transplant Tumor Registry; OPTN, Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network; SCOPE, Skin Care in Organ transplant Patients, Europe; SEER, Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results.