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Table 5 Model prediction for the impact of nephrectomy on life expectancy and cumulative risk of ESRD in 50-year-old white males with and without medical abnormalities

From: Estimating the long term impact of kidney donation on life expectancy and end stage renal disease

  50 year old white males
  Healthy Hypertension Increase risk of diabetes mellitus
Life expectancy years, Cum ESRD % 29.96, 1.96 28.6, 2.12 28.84, 2.93
  Risk difference after donation
Δ Life expectancy years −0.77 −0.85 −1.06
Δ ESRD % +0.67 +0.69 +1.12
Added Risk of ESRD 1/150 1/145 1/90
  1. ESRD, end stage renal disease.