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Table 2 Risk factors associated with DCD liver transplantation

From: Challenges in machine perfusion preservation for liver grafts from donation after circulatory death

Risk factors References
Life support in ICU, dialysis, serum creatinine >2 mg/d, donor age >60 years, DWIT ≥30 minutes, CIT >10 hours, retransplantation Mateo et al. [12]
Donor age >45 years, DWIT >15 minutes, CIT >10 hours Lee et al. [13]
Donor age ≥55 years, male, African-American, HCV+, metabolic disorder, MELD ≥35, life support Muthur et al. [14]
DWIT ≥30 minutes, MELD >30, donor age >60 years, CIT ≥10 hours de Vere et al. [15]
  1. CIT, cold ischemic time; DCD, donation after circulatory death; DWIT, donor warm ischemic time; HCV, hepatitis C virus; MELD, Model for End-stage Liver Disease.