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Table 2 Clinical translation of myeloid suppressor cell therapy in solid organ transplantation

From: Alternative approaches to myeloid suppressor cell therapy in transplantation: comparing regulatory macrophages to tolerogenic DCs and MDSCs

  Origin Time Pre-clinical Clinical Ref.
M reg Donor Pre- Mouse, pig, dog TAIC- I, TAIC-II, The ONE Study [13, 6, 16, 5658]
Tol-DC Recipient Peri-/post- Rat, NHP The ONE Study [6, 18, 20, 53, 54]
DC-10 Recipient/Donor DC10 + recipient Tr-1 Peri-/post- Rat - [59]
Rapa-DC Donor-pulsed recipient Pre-Post Mouse - [25]
MDSC Recipient Peri-/Post- Mouse - [60]