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Table 2 Prolongation of allograft survival by RAPA-DC

From: Immunoregulatory properties of rapamycin-conditioned monocyte-derived dendritic cells and their role in transplantation

Species Graft Source of DC IS agent in vivo Reference
Mouse Heart Bone marrow (BM) recipient-derived None 10
    FK506 10
    RAPA 23
Rat Limb BM recipient-derived ALS, CSA 18
Rat Vascularized skin BM recipient-derived ALS, CSA 7
Mouse Hematopoietic cells Autologous BM-derived (unpulsed) None 24
Mouse Pancreatic islets BM donor-derived None 25
  1. ALS, anti-lymphocyte serum; CSA, cyclosporine A; IS, immunosuppression.